CBSE Class 10 Social Science Board Exam Paper Analysis; Questions Of Average Difficulty Level

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New Delhi:  Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) conducted the board exam for Social Science paper for class 10 students today, that is, on March 22, 2018. The paper was of three hours duration and consisted of 27 questions. Mrs. Mukta Kohli who is a TGT, Social Science at G.D. Goenka Public School, Greater Noida said that the question apper was of average dificulty level. Students who appeared for the exam also said the paper was easy but did contain some questions which were tricky. 

Questions from serial number 1 to 7 were very short answer type questions and carried one mark each. Questions from serial number 8 to 18 were short answer type questions and carried 3 marks each. Questions from serial number 19 to 25 carried 5 marks each. Question numbers 26 and 27 were map questions from History with one mark each. In total there were three map based questions. 

Commenting on the social science question paper, Mrs. Mukta Kohli said that there were a good mix of direct questions, for average students. Some One markers were analytical, three markers were mostly direct questions and five markers were also direct barring a question in history about the freedom struggle.  An average student will be able to score around 60% marks.

Questions in geography were general which involved analytical understanding of the concepts rather than factual information.

History and Political Science had direct questions. Questions in economics required a thorough understanding of the concepts and the language was a bit twisted. However, students will not have difficulty answering those.

The question paper was as per CBSE blue print and latest CBSE sample paper. There were  grammatical errors in framing of questions which is not expected in a CBSE board exam.

Overall it was a balanced paper with moderate difficulty level. It had a right mix of knowledge, understanding, analysis and application based questions.

Average student should be able to score 60% marks, above average 80% and intelligent ones 90-95%.

Mr. Rajshekhar Ratrey, VP, Educational Content,, said, "It was easy just like last year, although, marks' weightage wasn't similar as compared to that of last year. Most of the students attempted more than 90 percent paper. According to our analysis, 70 plus out of 80 is easily scorable. Overall, the level of the paper was easy; History map was slightly difficult for Students".

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